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WorkStation setting


  • DELL PowerEdge T620
  • System: Windows 10 Pro,64-bit operating system
  • CPU: Inter Xeon E5-2697 v2@2.70GHz(48CPUs), x64-based processor
  • RAM: 32GB (DDR3)
  • ROM: 300GB
  • GPU: GTX1660 Super, P106-90

Please notice that: Only one GPU could be used When the system is working.

JAIST super computer

After user joined the MPC group, he or she can use JAIST super computers.

check here:

Academic reading(translation) & writing

About reading, I always need translation in order to understand the meaning of paper. I use these resources:

About writing, make some training like reaction paper is a good way to improve writing ability.

Other useful lectures

You can search “国家精品课程” on Bilibili.

English training

When you get one KMF id, you can use its online English training system.