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Welcome to My personal Wiki

Please notice that THIS SITE CONTAINS BOTH ENGLISH AND JAPANESE CONTENT, just depending on my mood while writing. Sorry for the inconvenience(if there's any).

If you want to know more about me, please see About

If you happen to be able to read in Chinese, please visit myblog.

By the way, I started one VTuber plan, please seeVTuber Project


  • Reading Notes are in Books,which about skills of studying.
  • You could view my study notes in Math, Physics and Computer Science.
  • I will put some projects what I did into Work.


The best way to contact with me is E-mail. My E-mail address is


  • Device:HP OMEN IV,Lenovo Yoga Book,HUAWEI MATE 20 , Surface Pro 4,JAIST Cloud,JAIST Super Computer,DELL PowerEdge T620,Self-built Computer,JAIST-3D Printer
  • Editor:VScode,Sublime Text 3,Emacs,VS 2017 Community,Notion
  • Computer Simulation: Blender, MEEP, OpticalRayTracer, Gaussian, Spartan, OpenFOAM
  • Platfroms:Windows 10,Android 9.x,Parrot OS,Ubuntu 16.x,Centos 7.x
  • Community:Research Gate,08 Sec,Git Hub,Bilibili,Pixiv,2ch,Keinsci,SegmentFault